Custom Cards
Configuring custom cards in Konstrukt, the back office UI builder for Umbraco.
Custom cards allow you to perform more complex metric calculations and are defined via a class implementing the KonstruktCard base class.
When Konstrukt resolves a card it will attempt to do so from the global DI container which means you can inject amy dependencies that you require for your card to calculate it's value. If there is no such type defined in the DI container, Konstrukt will then fallback to maually instantiating a new instance of the card.

To define a card you create a class that inherits from the base class KonstruktCard and configure it within the constructor like so.
// Example
public class AvgPersonAgeCard : KonstruktCard
public override string Alias => "avgPersonAge";
public override string Name => "Average Age";
public override string Icon => "icon-calendar";
public override string Color => "green";
public override string Suffix => "yrs";
public override object GetValue(object parentId = null)
// Perform value calculation logic
The required configuration options are:
  • Name: The name of the card.
  • Alias: A unique alias for the card.
  • GetValue(object parentId = null): A method to get the cards value.
Additional optional configuration options are:
  • Icon: An icon to display in the card.
  • Color: The color of the card.
  • Suffix: A suffix to display after the card value.

Adds a card of the given type to the collection.
// Example

Adds a card of the given type to the collection.
// Example
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