Filterable Properties
Configuring filterable properties in Konstrukt, the back office UI builder for Umbraco.
Konstrukt can dynamically build a filter dialog choosing appropriate editor views for you based on a simple property configuration. Properties of a number or date types will become range pickers, enums and properties with options defined will become select / checkbox lists and all other properties will become text input filters.
Filterable Properties

Defining filterable properties is controlled via the collections configuration.

Adds the given property to the filterable properties collection.
// Example
collectionConfig.AddFilterableProperty(p => p.FirstName, filterConfig => filterConfig
// ...

// Example
filterConfig.SetLabel("First Name");

// Example
filterConfig.SetDescription("The first name of the person");

// Example
filterConfig.SetOptions(new Dictionary<string, string> {
{ "Option1", "Option One" },
{ "Option2", "Option Two" }

// Example
filterConfig.AddOption("Option1", "Option One", (val) => val != "Option Two");

For filterable properties with options you can configure whether the options should be multiple or single choice.

// Example
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